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A BIG Win for KEISER LEGAL - Secures development approvals for Primrose Schools in Cooper City, FL

Primrose Schools is an accredited, private facility specializing in childcare and premier early childhood education. They are a national system of 376 schools in 29 states. There are 27 schools in Florida. 90% of Primrose students perform at about TWICE the level of their peer group (Results from third party survey by Unifocus2009-2011).

Keiser Legal, PLLC secured the land use and zoning approvals required for the development of a Primrose School at the northwest corner of Sheridan Street and NW 84th Ave in Cooper City, Florida.

In a 3-2 vote, Keiser Legal, PLLC swung a very controversial vote in favor of the applicant. Certain City Commissioners wanted to selectively impose conditions that were not required for any other facility similar in nature. Through expert testimony and a thorough analysis of the issue, a single vote allowed the project to move forward.

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