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Keiser Legal's Andrea M. Keiser, Esq. represents early learning facilities as both a land use and zoning lawyer and corporate counsel, which keeps her apprised of issues facing the industry as well as issues in the operation of early learning and childcare centers from a government, legal, and business perspective. As proud parents of a two year old, Andrea and her husband, Robert M. Keiser, Ph.D., are also experiencing first hand a parents' perspective of finding and enrolling their daughter into an early learning program. In a recent press release by the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Andrea stated, "Education is not just a priority, it is a family value, and it is never too early to lay the foundation for the love of learning."

Keiser Legal's newest partner, Heather Jo Allen, Esq., took the helm of securing land use and zoning approvals for current and future development at Keiser University's flagship campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. On December 14, 2020, Allen secured unanimous approval for the bleacher expansion at the Keiser University Seahawk's Athletic Field. Although events have been closed to visitors due to the pandemic, the purpose of the bleacher expansion is primarily to accommodate social distancing when possible. However, the success of the Seahawk's football team (undefeated in both its second and third inaugural seasons) has also warranted expansion. The Seahawks will be in the playoffs in April 2021.

In light of COVID, the City of Delray Beach allows restaurants and food establishments the ability to apply for temporary outdoor dining. If and when bars reopen, temporary solutions may not be sufficient to help these types of businesses recover. Keiser Legal is supporting this local business by applying for a permanent outdoor use and food truck use in the Central Core Subdistrict of the CBD to mitigate the adverse impacts of COVID, to increase the health and safety of local patrons, and to stimulate economic activity for one of the hardest hit industries of the pandemic.

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