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Keiser Legal successfully secures a parking variance for a mixed use development in Pembroke Pines. The excess parking located just east of the development site had hardly ever been utilized over the course of the past 20 years. Securing the parking variance has alleviated the unnecessary hardship and practical difficulty in utilizing and developing the infill development on the adjacent property.

Keiser Legal answered outreach efforts from Melinda Caycho on behalf of the Spady PTA, a.k.a "Spady Cupids". The Spady Cupids hosted a fundraiser by offering Flower Grams. Keiser Legal donated 1,200 flowers so that 100% of all proceeds would benefit the kids and the school. "We are happy to support our community and give many kudos to the Spady PTA for going over and beyond for our children in our village by the sea", says Keiser.

As Florida's 2001 National Bluekey Debate Champion in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Andrea M. Keiser, Esq. understands best the value of high school debate. "The skills learned from high school debate bring a lifetime of polished public speaking, critical thinking, and analysis" says Keiser. On November 5, 2019, Keiser Legal sponsored the debate fundraising luncheon at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Gunster Chairman and former U.S. Senator George S. LeMieux was on the host committee along with former Florida Bar President Eugene Pettis (2013-2014), State Attorney Michael J. Satz, and Laurie Rich-Levinson (School Board Member - District 6).